A note from Lisa


The past five months have been a time like no other in all of our lives. In many ways it’s been more challenging than we ever could have imagined. In other ways it’s allowed new ways of solving problems to come to the fore – this has most certainly been the case for me.

Leesamee Education was created because I wanted to share what my Grade 1’s were busy with during the Lockdown period with parents across South Africa. It started with the second term’s work on Day 1 and tomorrow will be the launch of Day 100 (can you believe it??), which marks the end of the third term’s work (well, we mixed in a little bit of the fourth term’s work here and there too).

Most Grade 1’s in South Africa will (finally) return to school from the 24th of August, and this is the case with our classes as well. There have been requests to continue sharing work here and I’ve considered doing so, but feel that I would be doing my own Grade 1’s a disservice if I did.

So, it’s official – Day 100 will be the last new work that will be posted on the site for now. Please feel free to subscribe so that you will be notified should we post any new content.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have visited the site and made use of the content. It’s been so much fun to share what we’ve gotten up to with all of you. A great big thank you also goes out to my wonderful colleague, Jolindie, who so willingly shared the Afrikaans content. I’m so grateful to her.

If the site has been useful to you, we would love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment.

Until we meet again.


4 thoughts on “A note from Lisa

  1. Dear Lisa You are an amazing teacher, and helped me so much during lockdown. I will always be grateful to you. Be blessed and enjoy the time with your learners. I am sure they cannot wait to be back with you in class. Love Suzanne van der Walt Vaalpark Primary Sasolburg

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  2. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you very much Lisa, you helped us so much and we can not thank you enough. We had so much fun. You made it so easy for us. My son Christian asked to tell you that you are a star ⭐
    God bless 🙏…… Cryford Mphande.


    1. Thank you for your message, Cryford. I really appreciate your kind words. Please tell Christian that I say thank you. I’m so glad that we could help. Stay safe! Lisa


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