Day 71

Today is going to be a fun day! We are going to expand geometric patterns, start to learn about time, learn more about symmetry, answer questions about a graph, write a phonics test, and do a reading comprehension activity. There is also a speaking activity if Afrikaans is your additional language. Can you do it? Yes, you can!

If you’re new here, the resources used for counting in multiples, sounds learnt (to be cut into sound cards to build words), phonics lists and reading sight words (to be cut out in order to flash the words) can be downloaded here. There are also some practice assessments available on the page.

Geometric patterns:

Time: Make your own clock.


Data handling:

Phonics – Test: Mom or Dad need to ask you these words in a test. Sound them out and then write them without looking at the words.

Reading – Comprehension:

Afrikaans First Additional Language – Vocabulary: We’re learning about different types of pets. Follow along with the video and try your best to always speak in full sentences. The picture was taken from the Department of Education’s Workbook 1 for Afrikaans First Additional Language.

You did it!

Now go have loads of fun!


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