Day 41

The focus this week is on revision as we revisit what we’ve learnt so far during the second term. In Maths you will count in odd numbers, work out totals and change in rand and cent, and do a story sum. In Phonics you will write a quick test, and then read this week’s story. Then for writing, you will fill in missing words. In Life Skills we will talk about ways that we can clean water, and we will end by revising some Afrikaans vocabulary. Three, two, one, let’s go!

If you’re new here, the resources used for counting in multiples, sounds learnt (to be cut into sound cards to build words), phonics lists and reading sight words (to be cut out in order to flash the words) can be downloaded here. There are also some practice assessments available on the page.

Count in odd numbers: Try to do it without help, but if you get stuck use your number grid.

Maths methods – summary: This is useful to keep on hand should you forget how each of the different methods in Maths is calculated. Mathematics is one of those subjects where you will always have to show how you got your answer, whether you are in Grade 1 or at university, so make sure to include all the steps for each type of sum. Always leave one line open before starting a new sum – as indicated by the orange crosses.

Money – Totals and change:

Story sum:

Phonics test: Listen carefully to the word that mom or dad says, sound it in your head or out loud, and then write it down.

Reading: Read the story. Sound out the words that you don’t know. Try to read more fluently every day. Also try to read with expression – try to think when your voice should be louder or softer. Remember that your voice needs to sound as though you are asking a question when there is a question mark.

Writing – Fill in missing words:

Life Skills: Talk about how you can clean water so that it is safe to drink.

Afrikaans First Additional Language – Vocabulary: We are revising our previous words and sentences. Try your very best to speak in full sentences every time.

Wow! That was fantastic!

Now go relax and have fun!


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