Day 32

Today is a fun day! We will expand geometric patterns, measure capacity, answer questions about a graph, investigate how 3D shapes move, learn new words, answer questions about the story that we read, talk about our five senses, and build a body with the things we can find in and around our homes. There is also a speaking activity if Afrikaans is your additional language. Come on! Let’s go!

If you’re new here, the resources used for counting in multiples, sounds learnt (to be cut into sound cards to build words), phonics lists and reading sight words (to be cut out in order to flash the words) can be downloaded here. There are also some practice assessments available on the page.

There were some technical issues with the Downloads page, but these have been resolved. Click on the link above to go there.

A note to parents: Allow your child to copy down by him-/herself as much as possible. Besides keeping them busy for longer, this allows them the opportunity to learn to copy correctly – a skill that they would ordinarily spend a lot of time perfecting in the classroom. Also, many of the tasks are a bit challenging. Instead of giving the answers, give clues or guide your child through the steps to discover the answer themselves. They will surprise you with just how clever they are!

Geometric patterns:

Measurement – Capacity:

Data handling:

3D shapes – How they move:

Phonics: Learn the -op words. Sound them out, build them with your sound cards and when you’re ready, ask Mom or Dad to test how well you know them.

Reading comprehension: Read the story about the big dog one last time and then answer the questions that follow. You don’t need to write your answers – just say them.

Life Skills – Five senses: Talk about the page and think about the way that you use your senses in the blocks at the bottom. Can you smell a flower? Can you taste a flower? Can you see it? Can you hear it?Can you touch it? Do this for all the objects that are there. Also think about other things that you find in your home, like your food, or your television, etc. If you are running low on time, you can just talk about this without writing anything in your book. This page was taken from the Department of Basic Education’s Life Skills book for Terms 1 and 2. 

Art – Build a body: See what things you can find in and around your house with which you can build a body – sticks from the garden, toilet rolls, or anything else you can find. Also think how you will decorate it and what features you will add – maybe a face or clothes?

Afrikaans First Additional Language – Vocabulary: Today is the last day that we will use this video, so try your very best to say all the words and sentences without the sound. You can do it!

That was fantastic!

Now go and have lots of fun!


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