Day 13

Hi friends! Today we’ll count in tens, calculate money totals, complete geometric patterns, work out a story sum, practice our handwriting, build words, read words and sentences, and fix a jumbled sentence. There is also a speaking activity if you’re learning Afrikaans as an additional language. Let’s do this!

Crossing the midline: When the kids in my class are preparing to learn a new concept in Maths, or if they get a bit fidgety, I often use the following technique to help them focus by engaging both hemispheres of the brain. Try this to switch your kids’ brains on for learning! Thanks to my son, Ntando for demonstrating. 😉

If you’re new here, the resources used for counting in multiples, sounds learnt (to be cut into sound cards to build words), phonics lists and reading sight words (to be cut out in order to flash the words) can be downloaded here. There are also some practice assessments available on the page.

A note to parents: Allow your child to copy down by him-/herself as much as possible. Besides keeping them busy for longer, this allows them the opportunity to learn to copy correctly – a skill that they would ordinarily spend a lot of time perfecting in the classroom. Also, many of the tasks are a bit challenging. Instead of giving the answers, give clues or guide your child through the steps to discover the answer themselves. They will surprise you with just how clever they are!

Count in tens, money and geometric patterns:

Money: See if you can recognise these coins and bank notes.

Story sum – Sharing:

Space and shape:


Phonics – New words: These are the new words that we have to learn. See if you can get 5 out of 5 in your test!

Phonics – Build words:

Reading: Read all the words that have been ticked. Ask mom or dad to flash them to you. Try to say them quickly and get them all right.

Reading sentences – Okay, this is the last day to practice these sentences before we do our fun activity!

Writing – Jumbled sentence:

Afrikaans First Additional Language – Vocabulary. These are the words that we will practice all week. Do you know all the words yet? Keep trying if you don’t yet. I know you can do it!

The book I used for the Afrikaans Vocabulary is the following:

I am impressed! You are so clever and such a hard worker!

Now go have fun!


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    1. Hi Patsy
      Unfortunately we don’t offer an email service. Feel free to share the link to the site with your learners’ parents though.
      Stay safe.


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