Day 8

Today we’ll stretch our brains by counting in 2’s, adding, building words, reading and writing a story. Here we go!

If you’re new here, the resources used for counting in multiples, sounds learnt (to be cut into sound cards to build words), phonics lists and reading sight words (to be cut out in order to flash the words) can be downloaded here. There are also some practice assessments available on the page.

A note to parents: Allow your child to copy down by him-/herself as much as possible. Besides keeping them busy for longer, this allows them the opportunity to learn to copy correctly – a skill that they would ordinarily spend a lot of time perfecting in the classroom. Also, many of the tasks are a bit challenging. Instead of giving the answers, give clues or guide your child through the steps to discover the answer themselves. They will surprise you with just how clever they are!

Counting in 2’s:

If you need help getting started, watch this video.

Addition – Remember to show how you got your answer.

Phonics – Keep practicing the -am words. Ask mom or dad to test you on how well you know the words without looking. Keep trying until you get all of them right.

Phonics – Jumbled words:

Reading words – Read all the words that have been ticked. Ask mom or dad to flash them to you. If you make a mistake, practice that word some more.

Reading sentences – Read the sentences. Practice every day this week and work on reading fluently.

Writing a story – sequencing:

You are amazing! Well done for doing such great work. Now go have some fun!


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