Day 4

We have lots to keep you busy today. Let’s get started!

First up – counting in 2’s:

You can download the resource used below. Your child can colour in the multiples of 2 for ease of counting. This page will be used again in upcoming lessons when we will count in 2’s and other multiples, so keep it somewhere safe after you are done.

If you don’t have access to a printer, simply write numbers 1 to 50 in a grid as shown in the picture (we’re counting in the 1-50 range right now and will increase this range incrementally over time) and have your child colour the relevant numbers as they count in 2’s.

Subtraction – bonds of 5:


Don’t worry too much about touching the top lines. Rather focus on touching the bottom line for now. We only start writing in standard College ruled lines later in the year.

If you’re new here, the printable resources for reading and phonics can be found in the post for Day 1. Click here to go there now. For returning visitors, I originally neglected to post the list of words for Phonics, but it is now available in the Day 1 post.

Phonics – jumbled words:

If your child gets stuck with unjumbling the words, encourage them to use their sound cards to shuffle the letters around until they build the word correctly. Also encourage them to sound out the words as much as possible to encourage confidence with the sounds and good phonic knowledge.

Reading – words and sentences:

Writing sentences:

Well done on the great work! Be sure to give your mom or dad a big hug to say thank you for all their help!

Now go have some fun!


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