In light of the current lockdown, I have created this blog for parents – specifically of Grade 1 children – who want to keep their developing minds occupied in a constructive way. The topics that I cover have been taken from work that I would ordinarily do with my Grade 1’s during the second term. Teachers all have their own way of presenting content, so there may be slight differences between how I present these to how your child’s teacher would, but the differences shouldn’t be too big.

I would encourage you to start from the “Day 1” content and work through the days systematically as many of the concepts build on one another and this sequence also ensures that there is a bit of variety in the work. Wherever possible, the resources used in the videos have been posted either to be printed if you have access to a home printer, or to be copied by hand if you don’t.

You can find resources for children of all ages here.

Why not consider helping out? Here are some organisations that you can help.

I hope that this will be a helpful resource for you and your child.


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